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John Antonio has a wealth of background and technical knowledge in analyzing and developing advanced computer systems. He has led efforts in the design and implementation of both hardware and software systems and solutions. His broad background and experience is well-known and respected in both industry and academics. A Professional Biography and Vita are available for John.

Recent services provided by CompSci Group include aiding in the design and development of custom hardware and software for use in the domain of optical disc mastering. Another example is aiding in the analysis, optimization, and modification of a distributed computing system with real-time user interaction requirements.

Simply upgrading hardware and software with off-the-shelf products may not enough to provide the type of system stability and performance to meet the needs of your organization. Often, existing hardware and software infrastructure can be used in new and innovative ways to meet your requirements. John can help you intelligently design and implement your system to meet your current needs and more easily adapt to your requirements in the future.


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