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Legal Case Consulting


Professional Consulting at COMPSCI GROUP

John Antonio has significant experience serving as a consultant and expert witness in computer-related legal cases (both civil and criminal). This experience, combined with his integrity, credentials, and knowledge of the computer industry makes him one of the most trusted and credible experts in the field. He has been retained for a number of cases. Examples of issues associated with these cases include deceptive advertising, intellectual property, hard disk analysis, origin of e-mail, internet fraud, and breach of contract.

In addition to providing consulting and expertise for legal matters, John is also an accomplished research professor of Computer Science. John is well-versed in the latest computer technologies and trends. His thoughtful analysis provides needed insight and understanding when dealing with complex systems and making important decisions. John is known for his ability to communicate the technical underpinnings of a project using intuitive and non-technical terminology.

John enjoys serving as a consultant and expert. He has found that each case/project has its own set of subtleties that must be carefully considered and properly analyzed to assure that the issues are clearly revealed and communicated. A Professional Biography and Vita are available for John.


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